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Treffen Sie folgende internationale Redner:

Tobias Becker
Senior Vice President
Director Africa, ABB Ltd 

  Aziz Fall
  Director for Promotion
  NARE, Senegal 

  Emanuele Taibi
  International Renew-
  able Energy Agency

  Cathy Oxby
  Commercial Director    
  Africa GreenCo

        Hon. Dr Seleshi Bekele
        Minister of Water
        Resources and Energy

  Thomas Mahl
  Managing Director
  sfr consulting (MunichRe
  Group), Germany

Albert Butare
Chief Executive Officer
Africa Energy Services
Group Ltd, Rwanda

Ezekiel Adesina
Senior Business &    
Strategy Analyst
Nigeria LNG Ltd

Eric Kaleja
Vice President     
Energy Africa/
Asia, DEG

Hon. Pierre Anatole Matusila
Minister of Energy and
Hydraulic Resources
DR Congo

Hon. David Mabumba
Minister of Energy

     Dr Friedrich von Burchard
     Lawyer / Partner
     CMS, Germany

Hon. Naha Mint Hamdi Ould Mouknass
Minister of Commerce, Industry, Craft
and Tourism, Mauritania          

Karl Schmitt-Walter
Chief Executive Officer
EcoPro Partners, Germany /              
Ankobra Farms, Ghana

Kai Imolauer
Associate Partner

Christoph Schlichter
General Manager
Libya/ Algeria,
DEA Deutsche
Erdoel AG

Erika Velazquez
Product Marketing
Manager Microgrids
ABB, Germany

Boris Westphal
Suntrace GmbH,